Partner Miroballi Serves as Judge at ABA Mediation National Championship

We're thrilled to share Partner Joe Miroballi's recent involvement as a judge at the American Bar Association (ABA) Mediation National Championship, held on Thursday, April 4th through Friday, April 5th at the ABA headquarters.

Each year, this competition serves as a platform, introducing law student participants to the complexities and challenges of representing clients in mediation. Joe's role as a judge underscores our firm's commitment to nurturing and supporting young legal talent within the community.

The competition's judging focuses on rewarding participants who demonstrate an effective blend of advocacy and problem-solving skills. In mediation, advocacy entails lawyers advocating for their client's interests while collaborating with the mediator. On the other hand, problem-solving requires negotiating attorneys to delve into each other's clients' interests, explore BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement), employ objective standards, brainstorm options, and craft a solution that aligns with their interests. Participants are tasked with striking a delicate balance, ensuring that their client's interests are well-represented while working towards an effective settlement.

At MDR LAW LLC, we prioritize community giving and nurturing young legal talent, as reflected in Joe's participation in the ABA Mediation National Championship. This commitment underscores our dedication to bolstering the legal community and shaping the future of the profession through mentorship and support for emerging lawyers.

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