Diversity of Case Litigation

Our dedicated team of attorneys collaborates tirelessly to ensure that every client receives the focused attention and advocacy they deserve. Over the past 12 months, we've resolved a diverse array of cases, securing significant settlements and verdicts for our clients.


Here are some examples of recent successes that highlight our commitment to achieving justice and compensation:

  • $2,950,000 Settlement: Wrongful death case for a man who tragically became paraplegic due to a misdiagnosed spinal infection and later succumbed to COVID-19. Compensation was awarded to his family.

  • $1,437,500 Settlement: Work-related accident where a dock worker was injured by a defective product and received a significant settlement along with a $455,229.17 waiver of workers' compensation benefits.

  • $1,250,000 Verdict: Medical malpractice case resulted in a verdict in favor of a woman who experienced complications from a prosthetic knee replacement that was incorrectly implanted by an orthopedic physician.

  • $1,055,000 Settlement: Motor vehicle accident involving a truck. A semi-tractor trailer collided with the Plaintiff’s vehicle on the highway causing injury.

  • $1,000,000 Settlement: Construction accident where a truck driver was struck by a forklift truck.

  • $450,000 Settlement: Product liability case where a man suffered a burn injury due to a defective product.

  • $325,000 Settlement: Motor vehicle accident involving a drunk driver. The 35-year-old victim was killed and his mother was awarded a settlement combining a $100,000 insurance policy limit plus $225,000 from the Defendant’s assets.

  • $300,000 Settlement: Personal injury case involving premises liability. A man was attacked by an intoxicated individual. This settlement was capped by homeowner policy limits.

  • $260,000 Settlement: Personal injury case involving premises liability. A man sustained injuries after falling down a flight of stairs when a stair broke loose.

  • $110,000 Settlement: Personal injury case involving premises liability. A man was stabbed by an unruly patron at a fast-food drive-thru line.

  • $100,000 Settlement: Personal injury case involving dog bite. A man was walking on a public sidewalk when he was attacked. The settlement was limited by homeowner policy constraints.


These cases exemplify our advocation to our clients and holding responsible parties accountable for their actions. At MDR LAW LLC, we stand ready to fight for you and your loved ones in pursuit of the justice and compensation you deserve.


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