MDR's Durkin, Bandula & Smith Featured in Bench & Bar

ISBA's Bench & Bar Feature MDR LAW INC

MDR LAW LLC's attorneys Albert Durkin and Florina Bandula and law clerk Lee Smith have joined forces to write a "Bench & Bar" article for the Illinois State Bar Association titled "Duty or Not…That Is the Question." The article delves into the complexities of the First District Appellate Court's recent decision in Slanger v. Advanced Urgent Care, et. al., 2022 IL App (1st) (211579), which has brought to light the fact that the "duty of care" in tort law may not always be as straightforward as it is taught in law school.

Through their analysis of the case, Durkin, Bandula, and Smith highlight the nuances and intricacies of duty of care, challenging readers to rethink their understanding of this fundamental legal concept. With their unique perspectives and expertise, they offer invaluable insights into how this decision will impact future cases and shape the legal landscape.

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