MDR LAW's Partner Rudin & Associate Rappaport Examine Trampoline Park Waivers and More

woman and girl at trampoline park

In the Winter article for the ITLA Trial Journal, partner Scott Rudin and associate Josh Rappaport take a deep dive into the complex world of trampoline park waivers for minors, arbitration clauses, and indemnification agreements. As the popularity of trampoline parks grows, so does the need for legal scrutiny surrounding the safety measures and liability considerations.

Rudin and Rappaport dissect the intricacies of waivers designed for minors engaging in trampoline park activities, exploring the legal nuances and challenges that arise when dealing with these unique legal documents. They shed light on the evolving landscape of arbitration clauses, discussing their impact on dispute resolution within the context of trampoline park incidents.

Additionally, the article delves into the significance of indemnification agreements in the trampoline park setting. They explore how these agreements play a pivotal role in determining responsibility and liability when accidents occur.

This comprehensive examination of trampoline park waivers provides legal professionals with valuable insights into the challenges and considerations associated with this growing industry. Stay informed and stay ahead in the legal landscape with this must-read article from the ITLA Trial Journal's Winter edition.

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Winter article for the ITLA Trial Journal

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